Using React JS, Redux, Material UI and Styled Component

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Time flies in pace and another month of learning came to an end. It was really very interesting to learn the most trending JavaScript library and most probably the favorite among the front-end developers. React provides us a great way to create single page applications while maintaining a particular state. But state management is even easier when you are using Redux. So, you can get rid of getting elements by id or class name or create elements manually as in HTML. The best thing is that, just create…

Using JavaScript, HTML, CSS — Team-Titans-Boron
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As promised, I am back here with a new project which our team built using the same tools but with added functionalities. In this sprint, we actually learned quite a lot with some of the advanced and latest features of JavaScript and also used jQuery to build this project.

Team-members and Team-Lead

  1. Abhishek Jain & Albert Sebastian(Mentor — Technical)
  2. Yogesh Bhat(Co-founder & Mentor — Soft-skills)
  3. Pushpal Chakraborthy
  4. Suraj Kumar
  5. Anay Bhoraskar

Concepts covered in the entire unit till date

Command Prompt

Using Git terminal


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Document Object Model (DOM)

Git Collab

Git Branching


Website built using HTML,CSS, JS-DOM — Team Titans-Carbon


So, here we are, finally in 2021 after several fiasco, and can you guess any person who never wanted the year 2020 to just pass away? No, right? There is no single word to describe the previous year’s emergency situation and the havoc created after the lockdown were lifted. But yes, when it comes to logical thinking, only the number has changed from 2020 to 2021 and everything stays where it was. People were seen enjoying the last moments of the passing year like the next year is going to be alright; well I hope so it happens…

Webpage built using HTML,CSS and DOM — Team Titans-Arsenic


Learning to build webpages have been fascinating since the past month, especially for me and my collaborators as we have just started learning the new, trending and the most vibrant part of today’s technology. But when it comes to building your first project, its somewhat not as easy as we seemed to be. But before going any further, I would like to first introduce myself and my collaborators without whom this project would have been impossible.

Team-members and Team-lead


Concepts covered in the entire unit

Command Prompt

Using Git terminal



Suraj Singh

Learning MERN Stack Development at Masai School

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