Cloning of

Team-members and Team-Lead

Concepts covered in the entire unit till date

Command Prompt

Using Git terminal


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Document Object Model (DOM)

Git Collab

Git Branching


JS Constructors

JS Event Loops

JS Prototypes

Local Storage

JS Set-Timeout and Client-Server Model


JS Closures

ES6 — (I and II)

ES6 — Arrow functions

ES6 — Classes

ES6 — Promises and Async, Await

Introduction to React.js

React — Components, Styles and Props

React — State Management

React — List Keys

Project Statement

Roles and Responsibilities

The landing page

Fitness and Essentials

Cricket Products

Login Page


Pin code selector


Frequently Selected products

A Brief description on individual pages

Landing Page
Fitness And Essentials Page
Add to Cart
Choose Address
Order Placed !



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